The birth of Twoborn took much longer than 9 months…16 years to be exact. It all began when Lynn Lorenz, identical twin, mother of triplets and a singleton, quickly realized the frustration of finding coordinated clothing for her children. The solution? In 2003, Lynn created Just Multiples, an online boutique offering a variety of clothing, books, and other products for families with multiples.
After many years of working closely with families with multiples, she realized something else was missing nursery bedding and accessories designed exclusively for twins. If Lynn looked hard enough, she could find a handful of coordinated sets, but nothing twin-specific that truly celebrated the joy of having twins.
Ironically, her singleton daughter, fashion merchandiser and most creative one in the family, expressed an interest in further developing the brand. In 2019, they teamed up and worked around the clock to bring another dream to life the Twoborn Nursery line.  We hope you find something you love while shopping at Twoborn!
Best Wishes,
Lynn and Brooke Lorenz